Custom Earsets made for YOUR ears!

Isn't it time for you to upgrade the way you listen to music?

"Earphones that stay put, Don't leak sound, and Don't let the world in."

Don't you just hate it when your radio headphones fall off your ears while you are jogging, exercising in the gym, blading along the streets or beaches, or just lying in bed?  Or when you are standing next to someone who is listening to his walkman but most of his heavy metal music is escaping his headphones and annoying you? We do - so we invented the Radio Partner Custom Earset.
It is the newest and most comfortable way to listen to Stereo-On-The-Go.  Be it an MP3 player, walkman, discman, or DAT, the Audio-Enthusiast loves it because no sound escapes the system. The units give, and the wearer receives, all the sound that the units are capable of delivering. In fact, the volume can be turned lower, with increases in fidelity and less distortion as a result. We increase the bass response as well with a ported chamber.

Exercisers will also love Radio Partner - they will not fall out of their ears as they get on with the monotony of treadmills, stairmasters, rowing machines, and other exercise programs.  They can concentrate on rhythm, not on fixing their headbands.

Finally, Bikers can listen as never before, with their earsets securely and comfortably under their helmets.

Also, it will not mess up the hair.  We have all seen it: women (and men) wearing their headbands under their chins just to avoid messing their hair.  Never again!!

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