To insure the highest quality music reproduction, we use only SONY® MDR Earbud Speakers in three styles:    

A Basic Speaker (model E821v) complete with inline volume control. Price: $89.00

B Sport Model (827-G) - suggested for exercisers, bikers,  and bladers, for it's rugged construction.  Price: $129.00

C High-End Digital Ready (ED-268) - for MP3 & CD units, high-end walkman: Professionals  Price: $149.00


Check-out our newest product offering:

Etymotic MicroPro Earphones (ER-4P and ER-4S) Two models available Power Stereo and Stereo  Price: $269.00

Custom Cellphone Earpiece - Custom-fitted mold for cellular phone earbud type speaker (hands-free operation) Price: $45.00

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